Picnic Rugs with a Purpose

When it comes to sustainable, ethical pet products, Emma - the founder of Saltwater Picnic Rug Co - and I have a lot in common.

We both wanted a product that didn't exist and we were unhappy with what was currently on the market. So, as the saying goes, "If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself!"

And that's exactly what Emma did. 

Saltwater Picnic Co

She had a clear vision of what she wanted from a picnic rug and it had to tick all the boxes:

• Made from a fabric that was created from recycled plastic bottles, to save them entering landfill and waterways.
• This fabric had to be able to be treated for practical use at the beach, to make it water, sand and stain proof.
• The fabric had to feel luxurious when treated and needed to be able to be machine washed, for sustainable reuse.
• It had to be able to be made from a single piece of material as not to have visible joins through the rug.
• The rug needed to be high quality, lightweight and in a range of designs, to be the envy of every person walking past.

(And I must say, she definitely got the stylish designs spot on!)


Dog on Saltwater Picnic Co rug

Introducing a Picnic Rug with a Purpose

This isn't your standard flanno picnic rug. This is the kind of rug that you can not only feel good about purchasing, but you will feel and look fabulous rolling it out in the park or on the beach. 

Dog on a picnic rug

Another thing Emma and I have in common is that we cherish our time with our kids and love an outdoor adventure!

Emma's goal was to have a business that her daughters could be proud of and also one that did good. Saltwater Picnic Co's use of recycled fabrics and planting a tree for every rug sold is just the start.

The Future of Saltwater Picnic Co

Emma knows that her business will have to constantly evolve and wants to use her community to help leave the planet better than when we found it.

This is another great, small, Aussie family owned business that I can definitely get behind and one that I proudly support!

Make sure to check them out here (and hey, whilst you're at it, think about how it would pack up perfectly into your very own Doggy Anchor too!)dog on a Saltwater Picnic Co rug

Dog-Friendly Parks and Beaches to Visit

Once you've nabbed yourself a Doggy Anchor and a Saltwater Picnic Co picnic rug, the next thing on your agenda may be deciding where your future adventures will take you.

Dog-friendly parks and beaches are one of my all-time favourite places to take Lulu and the kids. But it's important to know what parks and beaches do permit dogs, and what sites have restrictions.

(I can't think of anything worse than driving all that way...only to discover a beach isn't actually dog-friendly!)

Check out these dog-friendly NSW Regional Parks and Australia's best dog-friendly beaches here.

Some of my top tips when visiting these dog-friendly locations are:

  • Make sure to pack more than you need - e.g. water for your pup, towels to dry them off, extra poop bags

  • Have an appropriate dog leash to hand - as a lot of dog-friendly locations still only allow dogs that are on-leash

  • Keep your pooch away from any natural wildlife, especially at regional parks - as native animals can get stressed by the presence of dogs

  • Recall your pup if any off-leash dogs approach - as my friend Sarah experienced, dog attacks can happen in the blink of an eye

If you have any other dog-friendly location recommendations to add to the list, please feel free to reach out! We're always happy to hear from the Doggy Anchor community :-)

In the meantime, happy adventuring!

I can't wait to hear where your travels take you.

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