Top 5 Gift Guide for Pet Parents

At the time of writing this blog, there are only 67 days left til Christmas!!!!

I am the world's biggest procrastinator and I always leave my Christmas shopping to the last minute. I promise myself every year that "next year will be different and that I will be more organised."

Well, true to form, I have not yet purchased a single gift or have even made a list of what to buy my family and friends....until NOW!

After meeting so many new businesses like myself and with some wonderful collaborations in talks, I have come across some PAWSOME gift ideas. Especially perfect for the family that treasures their time with their pets, and wants to purchase a product that ticks all the eco friendly boxes too.

So here are my TOP 5 PICKS to help you get into gear and cross off some of that Christmas "to-do" list.

Top 5 Gifts for Pet Parents

1. Saltwater Picnic Co

Saltwater Picnic Co rugs are a FANTASTIC idea for a gift this year. Everyone loves a picnic in the summer and these large, Stain Proof, Water & Sand Resistant, Machine Washable & Crafted from 100% Recycled Fabric rugs will make anyone's day out at the beach so much more stylish and comfortable!

This small, family run Aussie business also has the environment in the forefront of their minds and hearts. Which makes this a guilt free gift that will make a lifetime of outdoor memories that much sweeter.  

Saltwater Picnic Co

2. Wet Dog & Co

If you haven't already checked out our surfer girl friend Nelly from Wet Dog & Co, then you are seriously missing out on some matching outfit opportunity cuteness!

With matching ponchos for doggies and their human friends, this is the ultimate set to strut your stuff down at your local beach with your best bud! Super cool designs, also made from RPET material and of course, our girl Nelly is another awesome small start up business from Jan Juc Victoria.

Who wouldn't want this set as a Christmas gift? Or you know, perhaps add one in the cart for yourself ;)

Wet Dog & Co

3. Outback Tails

Outback Tails is a proudly Australian, dog loving company with a passion for Australian art, the natural environment & contemporary design. They are a small, family run company based in Sydney who collaborate with Indigenous art centres to design and create beautiful dog products.

Their durable, natural dog toys are made from compostable, sustainable jute and coloured with non-toxic vegetable dyes. A percentage of sales from the toy collection is also donated to Australian wildlife charities.

Everything about this brand encompasses what I love about what we can achieve when we start thinking about the future, and not just our pockets and profits NOW.

A truly beautiful brand that deserves to make this list and your support. My pick for a gorgeous Christmas Stocking filler this year would be a durable toy from the Outback Animal Toy range. "Shazza- The Great White Shark" gets my vote!

Outback Tails

4. SunButter Skincare 

SunButter Skincare is a product I recently stumbled across when I was in search of a plastic free, reef safe, Australian owned sunblock that was also safe to use on my dogs' noses.

Not only does this product tick all those boxes, it's impressive list of reasons why it is a MUST to add to your Doggy Anchor beach bag and Christmas gift idea list this year are as follows: SunButter has partnered with Sea Shepherd!

A percentage of profits from each one of these collaboration tins goes directly to Sea Shepherd Australia to support their mission to defend, conserve and protect our oceans.

PLUS by purchasing any of their reef safe, vegan sunscreens in reusable and recyclable tins, you’ll also be stopping chemical sunscreen and plastic pollution from entering our oceans and waterways. These legends really know their stuff.

Founders Tom, who has specialities in coral reef restoration and science communication, along with Sacha, a marine biologist with a special focus on whale acoustics, have really stuck to their mantra "Protecting People & The Planet". 

And for that reason, we should definitely be adding this product to one of our summer "must haves", which would make an awesome addition to your sun loving friend's Christmas gift.

SunButter Skincare

5. The Conscious Canine

Now I know your Doggy Anchor bag is getting full, but I think it has room for one more item that would make ANY dog VERY happy this Christmas.

Recently I wrote a blog about my new friend Ash, founder of The Conscious Canine. Before investigating dog treats that were sustainable and plastic free (which led me to TCC), I had never heard of old Coffee Wood as a chew treat for dogs.

We are so accustomed to those cheap, rubber/plastic toys that don't last and most certainly are NOT sustainably produced and heavily encased in plastic. To my joy, discovering an option that I would happily purchase for my girls to chew on was so exciting - and also a relief!

(Well, I'd purchase them for Sunny more than Lulu, which is a bonus because it means less time she has to sniff out and destroy my shoes!)

This is a completely natural product, which makes The Conscious Canine treats super sustainable. It also makes me so happy to support another small local business that believes in the same things I do!

The Conscious Canine


So there you have it, my Top 5 Gifts for Pet Parents this Christmas.

It's not easy making the right choices at a time when cheap and convenient items are splashed everywhere.

I have struggled for a long time to find items that I personally can feel good about gifting to others. I know it sounds odd, but I do genuinely cringe when I purchase things that I feel guilty about, purely because they're so bad for the environment.

I've often wished that I could find just one store that had everything I needed under one roof. A store that offered eco friendly and responsible pet products I could fill my cart with, guilt-free, knowing that the research had been done for me. Then I could be satisfied that my choices weren't having a negative impact on the environment.

It is truly a goal of mine to eventually be able to supply amazing, eco friendly items like those that have been mentioned. So that when it comes time for you to purchase anything beach or dog related, you can feel confident and trust that anything you purchase from Doggy Anchor has been thoroughly checked and meets the standard that Doggy Anchor represents. So keep an eye on this space!

I hope this list helps you get your sh*! together and start getting organised! I know I'm going to make some furry friends of mine and their owners very happy this Christmas, when I present them with a Doggy Anchor full of these glorious gifts designed to make their summer holidays all the more special.
Happy shopping friends xxx
Happy shopping from Doggy Anchor
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