"SurFur" Friends of Doggy Anchor

A goal of mine is to partner with and present eco friendly, Aussie brands that believe in doing better. I love to support small businesses where I can and by supporting each other, we help raise awareness about our products and the reasons we have chosen to go down the path of environmentally conscious methods and fabrications. 

So, may I present to you my friend Nelly, founder of Wet Dog & Co! I stumbled across her gorgeous ponchos and leads on instagram and have been a big fan ever since.

Wet Dog & Co

Nelly is a beach loving, surfer babe from the coastal town of Jan Juc, Victoria. Her love of the outdoors and salty vibes were what drew me to her and her desire to use recycled materials to create funky doggo ponchos and even matching ones for their humans, is so much fun! Its awesome knowing that she cares about the oceans preservation as much as I do. 

The idea for Wet Dog & Co Poncho was born when she saw that there were no eco friendly towels available to dry her dog after their beach walks.

Wet Dog & Co's Ponchos save time and energy, as you don't have to rub your dog for ages before they are completely dry. They also keep your home and car clean and your dog cosy and warm. BONUS! 

Nelly's creative designs and innovation is what make her products and business unique and worth supporting.

Over the past few weeks we have had some great zoom chats about our goals for our companies and how we can make a small difference in a world where plastic plays a HUGE problem. From fabrications to packaging, its brands like ours that are really trying and putting our thinking caps on to see what small changes we can make in our day to day thinking that we can implement into our business models and how we can express those concerns to our customers and bring awareness.

Choosing to support small businesses like Wet Dog & Co is a great step in recognising that things need to change and that by purchasing products that try to make a positive impact, you are sending a message to other brands letting them know that this is what you want and that they should also jump on board and reduce their plastic usage.

So next time you are looking at buying a funky gift for your fur baby or friends, or need to upgrade your towels to pop into your Doggy Anchor (see what I did there?), consider supporting Nelly! Not only would you be making a great choice for the environment, but you'd be showing off the coolest beach threads going around, designed by a real life surfer babe!

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