A special recipe from Noosa Dog Cakes!

We made some lovely friends while attending the Dogs Life Pet Expo in Noosa this year. One of those was a gorgeous dog treat company that drew quite a crowd and I can see why! Danne, from Noosa Dog Cakes has created such a warm and friendly business that caters to all your fur babies treat needs and even birthday cakes! You can customise biscuits or put together a "pawty pack".

Her creations honestly look good enough to eat yourself, not just your four legged friends!

This treat recipe that Danne has generously supplied, might not look look as appetising as those birthday cakes, but I guarantee your pooch will be licking their lips all the same. 

Share this recipe around to your friends and please send me any other well loved recipes that you have tried or come up with, as Lulu is more than happy to become an official food critic/ taste tester! 

P.S for those wondering who the gorgeous big chops belong to in the title picture of this blog, they are our good friend Mr. Beans bestie, Boo! Check out his instagram account for your daily dose of cuteness overload. 



Mr Bean makes for the pawfect model!!

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